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Christmas Vocabulary Word List

Christmas is an annual Christian festival when the birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated. Christmas is held on the 25th of December.
angelbellscandlecandycandy canescardscedarcelebratechimneyChristmas boxChristmas cakeChristmas cardChristmas EveChristmas treeChristmas carolChristmas crackerChristmas puddingChristmas stockingDecember 25decoratedecorationseggnogelfeveFather ChristmasfireplacegarlandgiftgingerbreadJack FrostJesusKrampusKris KringlelightsmerrymistletoeNoelNew YearNorth PoleornamentpageantparadespartypiepinepoinsettiaPrancerpresentreindeerribbonsledsleigh bellssnowflakesspiritstarstickerstinselturkeyvacationWinterworshipwreathyuleyuletide Example sentences for Christmas
Happy/Merry Christmas!I am spending Christmas with my family.We had a very happy Christmas.He sends me a Christmas card every year.

Religious holidays and festivals

All Saints' DayAll Souls' DayAscension DayAsh WednesdayBonChristmasDiwaliEasterEidEpiphanyGood FridayHanukkahKumbh Mela LentMardi GrasMaundy ThursdayMichaelmasNavaratriPassoverPentecostPurimRamadanRosh HashanaSabbathSaint's DayShavuothShrove TuesdaySuccothTwelfth NightVesakYom Kippur

The Moon Vocabulary

The moon is the natural satellite of the earth. The words related to the moon are listed below.
New moonthe phase of the moon when it looks like a thin curved shape (=a crescent) in the sky:
Full moonthe moon when it appears as a complete circle: Half moon The phrase of the moon when only half of it can be seen from the earth:
Lunar relating to the moon. The adjective lunar is always used before a noun. For example, the lunar surface.
Moonlight light that comes from the moon at night
Wane If the moon wanes, it appears slightly smaller each night after the full moon:
Wax If the moon waxes, it gradually appears larger each night:

Weather Vocabulary - Cold

In this post, we're going to learn the adjective cold.
Definition with a very low temperature
Examples It's freezing cold outside today.
The house is cold. Turn the heating up.

Weather Vocabulary - Rainy

In this post, we're going to learn the adjective rainy.
Definition with a lot of rain:
Examples The weather today was rainy and cold.
The rainy season here starts in December.

mad as a hatter

In this post, we're going to learn the idiom mad as a hatter.
Definition very silly or stupid:
Examples If he wants to quit his job like that, he must be as mad as a hatter.
These dirty clothes all over the floor are driving me mad as a hatter.