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Idioms connected with time

Idioms with time
Buy time: to do something in order to have more time to achieve somethingKill time: spend time by entertaining yourself or doing something that is interesting for youMark time: 1) to pass the time while you wait for the right opportunity 2) Military: March in one placeTime flies: time passes very quicklyTime after time (time and time again): very often; again and againTime is money: time is valuable and used productivelyTell the time (US tell time): to be able to read a clock or watch correctlyBide your time: to wait patiently for the right moment to do somethingThird time lucky (US third time is the charm): used when you are sure to succeed the third attempt because you have failed the previous two attempts
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Vocabulary: Names

A name is a word or set of words that a person is known by.
"What's your name?" "My name is Hussain." Your last name, family name or surname is the part of your name that all the members of your family have. They come at the end of your full name.
His first name is Donald and his last name is Hill. Your first name  (also known as given name ) is the name that is given to you at birth. In writing, we use forename to refer to someone's first name.

Phrasal verbs with Hold

Here is a list of phrasal verbs with "Hold"

Hold against to have a bad opinion of someone because they have done something wrong in the past:

Nobody held my failure against me.Hold back to stop someone from doing something or to stop something from doing something:

They were unable to hold back the demonstrators.Hold down (S) to prevent prices or number from rising:

Their goal was to hold down costs.

The preposition aboard

Aboard is a preposition or an adverb.

Aboard means 'on or onto a ship, aircraft, train or bus'. It is the synonym of ' on board'.

[as preposition] We finally went aboard the ship.[as adverb] The plane crashed into a mountainside, killing all 250 passengers aboard.
Aboard can also mean 'in or into an organization, group or company'.

She came aboard as a chief engineer.

Phrasal verbs with 'Hand'

Here is a list of phrasal verbs with 'hand'.

Hand back (S) to return something to the person who lent it to you:

He handed me my book back.Hand down 1. (S) to give or teach something to someone who is younger than you and will live after you:

My grandfather handed down the gold watch to my father.These techniques have been handed down from generation to generation.
2. to officially announce a decision, sentence, etc.

The verdict was handed down this afternoon.Hand in (S) to give something to a person in a position or authority:

You must hand in your essay by Friday.

Reflexive Pronouns

English reflexive pronouns end in -self' or -selves and are used when the subject of the verb and the direct object of the verb are the same person. For example, in the sentence 'Jane bought herself a new coat' the reflexive pronoun 'herself' refers back to Jane'.

The singular reflexive pronouns are: myself, yourself, himself, herself, itself.
The plural reflexive pronouns are: ourselves, yourselves, themselves.