Living room vocabulary

A living room (British English also sitting room) is a room where people sit together and relax. 

The utility room vocabulary

The utility room

The utility room

A utility room (US also Laundry Room) is a small room in a house that contains appliances for cleaning and ironing.

Bathroom vocabulary

Bathroom vocabulary

A bathroom is a room where there is a bath, shower, and sometimes a toilet. You can wash yourself or go to the toilet in the bathroom. What else people do in the bathroom:
to have a bath [US to take a bath]
to have a shower [US to take a shower]
to brush your teeth
to have a shave

Phrasal verbs that start with F

Face off

1. to fight or compete with each other
  • The candidates faced off in their first presidential debate.
2. American English. to start a game of ice hockey.

Face down

(S) to oppose or defeat someone who is threatening or criticizing you by being brave and confident
  • They successfully faced down a big crowd of demonstrators.

Face up to

1. to accept that something is true
  • He has to face up to the fact that she will never return home. 
2. to deal with something difficult in a determined way
  • You have to face up to your problems and try to solve them. 

Phrasal verbs with Fall

Phrasal verbs with FallHere is the list of phrasal verbs with Fall

Fall about

informal. to laugh in an uncontrolled way
  • We fell about when he said that.

Fall apart

1. to break into pieces because it is very old or in very bad condition
  • My boots are so old, they are falling apart.
2. If an organization, agreement or relationship falls apart, it is unable to continue
  • Their marriage is in danger of falling apart.
  • New tax system is falling apart

Fall away

1. to become smaller or lower
  • Membership of the club has fallen away.
2. If parts of something fall away, they break off from the thing they were attached to
  • Plaster was falling away from the ceiling.

Fall back

to move away from an enemy during a battle or war

Taste of food

Taste of food with definitions and example sentences


having strong, sharp and unpleasant smell or taste
  • Acrid smoke filled the studio.
  • It emits acrid fumes when heated.
  • The acrid smell of burning food


(of food) that smells or looks very good and makes you want to eat
  • An appetizing meal
  • An appetizing aroma of bacon came from the kitchen.

Vocabulary about peace

Here is the list of words related to peacekeeping

Accord (n)

a formal or official agreement between two countries, governments or groups of people
  • The Paris Peace Accords
  • A peace accord was signed to end the war.

Agreement (n)

a contract, promise or decision about what to do or will happen, made by two or more  different people or groups
  • a verbal [=not written] agreement
  • a peace/trade agreement
  • An agreement was reached between both sides.
  • Finally they have come to an agreement.
  • Don’t sign the rental agreement before reading all the terms carefully.

Phrasal verbs that start with E

List of phrasal verbs that start with E

Ease off/up

to become less strong, intense, severe, etc.

  • The rain has started to ease off.
  • The pain had eased off a bit.

Ease out

(S) to force someone to leave an office or position

  • After the financial scandal he was eased out of office.