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Plural Nouns - Quiz 1

A noun that refers to one person or thing is a singular noun.
car, table, bookA noun that refers to more than one person or thing is a plural noun.
cars, tables, books
Add an s or es at the end of each word to form the plural.

1. boy               __________
2. knife             __________
3. thief              __________
4. tomato          __________
5. box               __________
6. wish             __________
7. baby             __________
8. river             __________
9. bus               __________
10. leaf             __________
11. holiday       __________
12. hero            __________
13. church        __________
14. fox              __________
15. stomach      __________
16. zero            __________
17. torpedo       __________
18. cat               __________
19. apple          __________
20. truck          __________

Plural Nouns

Interrogative Pronouns - Quiz 1

Add an interrogative pronoun to complete each sentence.

1. ___________ is the president of India?
2. ___________ are these keys?
3. ___________ shall we have for dinner?
4. To ________ did you write?
5. ___________ birthday is it today?
6. ___________ is the number of the door?
7. ___________ bag is yours?
8. To_________ did she send the fax?
9. ___________ one of your brothers is the doctor?
10. __________ has left the keys on the table?
11. __________ will happen if I push the button?
12. __________ of your sisters lives in London?

Answer key

1. who
2. whose
3. what
4. whom
5. whose
6. what
7. which
8. whom
9. which
10. who
11. what
12. which

Prepositions of time - Quiz 1

Complete the sentences with at, on, or on.
1. They left ____ 3 o'clock.

2.  I'm going to London ____ May.

3. We usually meet ____ Saturdays.

4. The whole family gets together ____ Christmas.

5. It was built ____ 19th century.

6. It's very cold here ____ winter.

7. Jessica was born ____ December 18th.

8. The temperature drops below zero ____ night.

9. The accident happened ____ Monday night.

10. I'll be back ____ an hour.

Answer key
1. at, 2. in, 3. on, 4. at, 5. in, 6. in, 7. on, 8. at, 9. on, 10. in

Demonstratives - Quiz 2

Make questions and answer them. Look at the examples below: What is this? This is an apple.What are these? These are apples.What is that? That is a box.What are those? Those are boxes.
Useful vocabulary doghouse (kennel)bearnutcarbicycleplanebarntelephonetreecookie

This, that, these, those

Demonstratives - Quiz 1

1. Is ___ your bag here?
A) that   B) these   C) those   D) this

2. Look at ___ woman over there.
A) this  B) that  C) these D)  those

3. ___ is gold and ___ is silver.
A) This, that, B) This, these  C) That, these, D) These, this

4. ___ jacket here is mine, but ___ one over there is yours.
A) That, this  B) These, those,  C) This, that,  D) This, those

5.Please come here and look at ___ pictures.
A) this  B) these  C) that  D) those

6. We're going to play handball ___ morning.
A) this  B) that  C) these  D) those

7. Take ___ books and put them on the table over there.
A) those  B) this  C) that  D) these

8. Are ___ shoes here yours?
A) this  B) that  C) these  D) those

9. ___'s my best friend over there beside Jeff.
A) This  B) These  C) Those  D) That

10. ___ book is more interesting than ___ book on the shelf.
A) This, these  B) This, that  C) These, that  D) This, those

This, that, these, those

Correct answers

Silent letter - Quiz 2

1. Choose the group of words that has a silent G.
A) gnat, align, foreign, campaign
B) guess, guitar, rogue, guide
C) game, good, grind, group
D) glass, ground, gentleman, guilty

2. Choose the group of words that has a silent U.
A) accuse, fuse, amuse, reuse
B) unicorn, unit, utilize, uniform
C) tune, venue, you, lute
D) build, circuit, antique, league

3. Choose the group of words that has a silent C.
A) city, center, censor, century
B) class, cut, cat, cot
C) ascent, muscle, scene, scissors
D) accent, accuse, music, disc

4. Choose the group of words that has a silent P.
A) corps, coup, psalm, psychology
B) perspective, plug, profit, put
C) nappy, palm, rope, steep
D) cop, cup, pulpy, antipathy

5. Choose the group of words that has a silent L.
A) plate, pleasant, glade, glee
B) balm, could, salmon, walk
C) ball, quarrel, bill, camel
D) elder, election, necklace, glace

6. Choose the group of words that has a silent S.
A) sarcasm, witness, guess, advise
B) tense, pose, vise, raise
C) a…

Silent Letters Quiz 1

Find the missing silent letter.

1. The wall was too high to __limb.

2. Fas__en your seat belt.

3. He is just learning to _rite.

4. 30% of houses in the town were __recked.

5. In autum__ the leaves turn yellow.

6. I need to sharpen this __nife.

7. The beaches were littered with debri__.

8. The military seized power in cou__.

9. Now let's forget the __hole thing.

10. They refused to si__n the treaty.

11. She __rapped up the birthday presents.

12. The princess was waiting for a handsome __night.

List of words with silent letters