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Money Vocabulary Quiz

All the words in this vocabulary quiz are in Money Vocabulary topic.

There are 7 questions in this quiz. Choose the best answer.

1. an extra amount of money that is paid as a reward
A) commission
B) bonus
C) deposit

2. to put money into something to earn money
A) invest
B) donate
C) profit

3. a small amount of extra money given to a waiter, driver, etc.
A) wage
B) pension
C) tip

4. an amount of money paid by the government to people who are poor or without work
A) social security
B) tip
C) transaction

5. an amount of money paid for working after the usual time
A) overtime
B) fee
C) debt

6. a written order that is used to make payments from a cardholder's bank account
A) credit card
B) debit card
C) cheque

7. an amount of money paid by an employer, usually every week
A) tip
B) wage
C) overtime

Money Vocabulary Exercise


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