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Idioms with one (1)

Idioms based on the number one

Quiz related to the Idioms with one (1)

all in one

having several different functions:
  • printer all in one

as one

all together:
  • to rise/speak/stand up as one

at one

in agreement or harmony with someone/something:
  • to be/feel at one with nature

square one

the situation from which you started dealing with something:
  • be back to/at square one

a minority of one

the only person in a group who has a particular view:
  • to be/find yourself in a minority of one

get something in one

to understand or guess something correctly:
  • Got it in one!

go one better

to do something better than someone else:

  • to go one better than your teacher

one after another

a series of similar things or events:
  • to eat something one after another

one and only

used to emphasize that someone is famous:
  • one and only Muhammad Ali

one by one

  • to enter the room one by one

one or two

a few:
  • one or two suggestions/changes

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