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Demonstratives - Quiz 1

1. Is ___ your bag here?
A) that   B) these   C) those   D) this

2. Look at ___ woman over there.
A) this  B) that  C) these D)  those

3. ___ is gold and ___ is silver.
A) This, that, B) This, these  C) That, these, D) These, this

4. ___ jacket here is mine, but ___ one over there is yours.
A) That, this  B) These, those,  C) This, that,  D) This, those

5.Please come here and look at ___ pictures.
A) this  B) these  C) that  D) those

6. We're going to play handball ___ morning.
A) this  B) that  C) these  D) those

7. Take ___ books and put them on the table over there.
A) those  B) this  C) that  D) these

8. Are ___ shoes here yours?
A) this  B) that  C) these  D) those

9. ___'s my best friend over there beside Jeff.
A) This  B) These  C) Those  D) That

10. ___ book is more interesting than ___ book on the shelf.
A) This, these  B) This, that  C) These, that  D) This, those

Demonstratives worksheet
This, that, these, those

Correct answers


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