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Colourful idioms

In this post, you're going to learn the idioms based on colours. 


relating to people who do physical work in a factory, mine, etc.:
  • The city is facing a shortage of blue-collar workers such as plumbers and electricians. 


relating to jobs that are done in an office, bank, etc.:
  • The company will cut 1.400 white-collar jobs.  

In black and white 

in a written or printed form: 
  • I want to put it in black and white. 

Out of the blue 

  • His resignation came out of the blue. 

Point the town red 

to have a good time by going to a lot of bars or clubs: 
  • Let's paint the town red. 

Like a red rag to a bull 

American English: like waving a red flag in front of a bull 
something that will make someone angry or upset: 
  • Don't tell him you are an Arsenal supporter – it's like a red rag to a bull. 

Green with envy 

feeling a desire to have what another person has: 
  • We are green with envy after she got the chance to study abroad. 

Grey area 

a situation in which you are not sure how to define it or deal with it: 
  • The new rule has a lot of grey areas. 

 Tickled pink

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Idiom Cards

Color Idioms

Color Idioms

Color Idioms

Color Idioms

Color Idioms

Color Idioms

Color Idioms

Color Idioms

Color Idioms


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