Bathroom vocabulary

Bathroom vocabulary

A bathroom is a room where there is a bath, shower, and sometimes a toilet. You can wash yourself or go to the toilet in the bathroom. What else people do in the bathroom:
to have a bath [US to take a bath]
to have a shower [US to take a shower]
to brush your teeth
to have a shave



a small brush with a long handle, used for cleaning the teeth, gum and tongue
  • I frequently change my toothbrush.
  • Don’t share your toothbrush with others.


a thick substance that you use with your toothbrush to clean your teeth
  • a tube of toothpaste


Also: Basin
American English. bathroom sink or washbowl
a large bowl that is permanently attached to the wall in a bathroom and connected to the water supply, in which you can wash you hands and face
  • He washed his hands at the washbasin.
  • Fill the sink with warm water.


American English. Stopper
a small round piece of plastic, rubber or metal that is used to close a hole tightly in a sink or a bath
  • to pull out the plug
  • to put the plug in the sink


a substance that is used with water for washing your body or cleaning something
  • a bar of perfumed soap


a piece of soft cloth used for drying your skin or for drying dishes
  • a bath/beach/hand/kitchen/tea towel
  • She was drying herself with a towel.
  • I wiped my hands on your clean towel.

Towel rail

American English. Towel rack
a bar or frame attached to a wall in the bathroom, used to hold towels


a light soft substance that is able to absorb water, and is used for washing or cleaning
  • a bath/kitchen sponge


American English. Bathtub
a long deep container that is filled water so that you can wash yourself in it
  • He soaked in the bath.


a large bowl with a hole, seat and lid, used for getting rid of urine or faeces from your body
  • I had to go to the toilet. [US go to the bathroom]
  • I asked him to flush the toilet.

Toilet paper

Also: toilet tissue
thin soft paper that you use to clean yourself after getting rid of waste from your body
  • a roll of toilet paper

a piece of equipment that sprays water on you to stand under and wash yourself
  • a shower curtain/cubicle
  • I’m in the shower.


a liquid with a pleasant smell that some men put on their faces to reduce skin irritation after shaving
  • a smell of aftershave


a small tool with a sharp blade, used to cut the hair from the skin
  • an electric razor


a liquid soap used for cleaning hair
  • a bottle of shampoo