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Idioms with birds

Here a list of idioms with birds

Idioms with birds
Idioms with birds
Idioms with birds
Idioms with birds

As the crow flies (also in a beeline)

in a direct line between two locations:
  • It is only 10 kilometers from here as the crow flies.

Dead duck 

Informal. someone or something that is unsuccessful because of a mistake:
  • The company is a dead duck due to financial difficulties.

Get/have your ducks in a row

to be fully prepared for something:
  • Get your ducks in a row before you go to Chicago.

Take to something like a duck to a water

to do something naturally as if you have been born with this ability:
  • He took to skiing like a duck to water.

Water off a duck’s back

criticisms, warnings or advice without effect:
  • The teacher told us how to prepare for the exam, but it was just water off a duck’s back to Tom.

Lame duck

Informal. an elected official who is no longer eligible for election:
  • Barack Obama is a lame duck president.

Cook someone’s goose

to prevent someone from succeeding in something:
  • He cooked his own goose by cheating on the test.

Kill the goose that lays the golden egg

Saying. to destroy something that would make money:

Have eyes like a hawk

to be able to see very well:
  • Rebecca noticed the mistake in time.  She has eyes like a hawk.

As sick as a parrot 

Informal. to be very disappointed at something:
  • I was as sick as a parrot when my dog died.   

Put/set the cat among the pigeons

to say something suddenly which worries a lot of people;  to cause a fight by saying something:
  • She revealed the secret. That set the cat among the pigeons.

Talk turkey

Informal. to talk about something honestly and openly:
  • I think he’s not ready to talk turkey.

Strictly for the birds

Informal. meaningless, useless:
  • This movie is strictly for the birds.

The bird has flown

someone has escaped:
  • Stop searching. The bird has flown.

Bird’s eye view

a view from high above:
  • I had a bird’s eye view of the city from the tower.

Birds of a feather

people with similar characters:
  • Tony is my best friend. We’re birds of a feather.

The early bird catches the worm

Saying. If you do something immediately or before other people, you will gain an advantage:

Kill two birds with one stone

Saying. to achieve two goals by making one single effort:

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  1. I love to read these idioms about birds. I am teacher and I teach idiom to my students on other hand I am bird lover too. It's a perfect list for me.
    Thank you for adding idioms about birds.
    Lilly, UK


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