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Farming vocabulary


Farming vocabulary

Farming is the business of managing a farm for agricultural purposes. A farm is an area of land where livestock such as sheep or cows are kept and/or crops such as fruits or vegetables are grown. A person who owns or runs a farm is called a farmer. A farm can include ranch, feedlot, barn, pasture, orchard, and field. Feedlot is a type of farm on which livestock are fattened for meat production. Barn is a large building used for housing livestock and for storing crops. Pasture is land covered with grass that is used for grazing. Orchard is an area of land where fruits are cultivated. Field is an area of land where crops are cultivated or livestock are kept.

Specialized Farming

Livestock farm is a specialized farm used for raising animals such as cattle, pigs, chickens for meat. This farm is also called a ranch. A ranch is a large farm used for keeping livestock, especially in North America.
Dairy farm is a specialized farm that produces milk and milk products.
Poultry farm is a specialized farm where birds such as chickens and turkeys are kept for meat and eggs.
Crop farm is a specialized farm used for growing plants such as grain, fruit, or vegetable.
Mix farm is a specialized farm where livestock and crops are equally important.

Types of farm

Large industrial farm – an extensive farm operated by a family, or a company.
Collective farm – (also called communal farm) a group of farms owned by the government.
Family farm – an average size farm operated by a family.
Urban farm – a small farm that is operated around a village, town, or city.

Sentence examples:

I would like to live and work on a farm.
The horse barn was converted into a house.
Pastures are the cheapest feed sources for livestock
My father is planning to create a mini apple orchard.
Farmers were working in the field of wheat.


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