Can we use two verbs together?

In English, every complete sentence have two parts: a subject and a predicate. The subject is what or whom the sentence is all about. Normally the subject comes before the verb in a sentence. Predicate is a part of a sentence that contains a verb and explains what the subject does. In the sentence 'I prefer playing in defence', 'prefer playing in defence' is the predicate. 

Answer to the question

We can use two verbs together in a sentence. Let's return to the example 'I prefer playing in defence'. In this sentence, there are two verbs together. The verb prefer is the main verb and '-ing' form of play follows it. In English when we use two verbs together, the second verb can either be an 'ing' form or an infinitive. Some verbs can be followed by both forms.
  • I prefer playing in defence.
  • I want to play in defence.