The Moon Vocabulary

The moon is the natural satellite of the earth. The words related to the moon are listed below.

New moon

the phase of the moon when it looks like a thin curved shape (=a crescent) in the sky:
Moon Vocabulary - New Moon

Full moon

the moon when it appears as a complete circle:
The Moon Vocabulary - Full Moon

Half moon

The phrase of the moon when only half of it can be seen from the earth:
The Moon Vocabulary - Half Moon


relating to the moon. The adjective lunar is always used before a noun. For example, the lunar surface.
The Moon Vocabulary - Lunar


light that comes from the moon at night
Moon Vocabulary - Moonlight


If the moon wanes, it appears slightly smaller each night after the full moon:
Moon Vocabulary - Wane


If the moon waxes, it gradually appears larger each night:
The Moon Vocabulary - Wax