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Grammar Vocabulary Quiz

All the words in this quiz are in Grammar Vocabulary.
There are 10 questions in this quiz. Choose the best answer.

1. Which sentence is in the active voice?
A) The medicines are kept in the locked cupboard by Josh.
B) Josh keeps the medicines in the locked cupboard.

2. In the active voice, the _________ performs the action.
A) subject
B) object

3. Adjectives are words that give information about
A) nouns and pronouns
B) verbs and adverbs

4. Adverbs are words that can describe
A) noun
B) verb

5. Which of these is a definite article?
A) an
B) the

6. Which sentence contains an indefinite article?
A) I read a book.
B) The book was interesting.

7. An auxiliary verb is used with 
A) an object pronoun
B) a main verb

8. In the question 'Do you know?', which is the auxiliary verb?
A) Do
B) know

9. In the sentence ' The car is going fast', 'fast' is 
A) an adjective
B) an adverb

10. A pronoun is a word that is used instead of
A) a noun
B) an adjective

Grammar Vocabulary Exercise


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