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Prepositions of time - Quiz 1

Complete the sentences with at, on, or on.

1. They left ____ 3 o'clock.

2.  I'm going to London ____ May.

3. We usually meet ____ Saturdays.

4. The whole family gets together ____ Christmas.

5. It was built ____ 19th century.

6. It's very cold here ____ winter.

7. Jessica was born ____ December 18th.

8. The temperature drops below zero ____ night.

9. The accident happened ____ Monday night.

10. I'll be back ____ an hour.

Prepositions of time Worksheet
Answer key
1. at, 2. in, 3. on, 4. at, 5. in, 6. in, 7. on, 8. at, 9. on, 10. in


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