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Personal pronoun Quiz 1

1. ____ need to go home.
A) He   B) She   C) You   D) It

2. Thank you for helping ____.
A) I   B) me   C) he   D) they

3. Do you want ____ to come with ____?
A) I, you   B) we, us   C) he, me   D) me, you

4. Could ____ open the window, please?
A) you   B) his   C) me   D) your

5. Tom and ____ are old friends.
A) me   B) her   C) I   D) us

6. ____ finished his drink and left.
A) Us   B) It   C) He   D) Her

7. Where're the keys? I can't find ____.
A) them   B) it   C) they   D) him

8. ____ loves summer evenings.
A) I   B) She   C) They   D) You

9. We'll take the cat with ____.
A) me   B) I   C) us   D) they

10. ____'s a dentist. Do you know ____?
A) They, her   B) She, him   C) He, them   D) She, her

Personal Pronouns Worksheet


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