Adjective + Preposition Quiz

1. He admitted he was addicted ____ alcohol.
A) from  B) for  C) to  D) with

2. I've always been afraid ____ snakes.
A) of  B) from C) with  D) to

3. He seemed anxious ____  the interview.
A) for  B) of  C) with  D) about

4. He is not capable ____ looking after children.
A) at  B) of  C) to  D) for

5. He is completely dedicated ____ his job.
A) to  B) for  C) with  D) about

6. Italy is famous ____ its pizza.
A) with  B) about  C) of  D) for

7. I was very fond ____ dogs.
A) for  B) of  C) with  D) for

8. I've always been interested ____ history.
A) with  B) to  C) in  D) for

9. They are opposed ____ the new law.
A) with  B) for  C) in  D) to

10. Who is responsible ____ this mess?
A) for  B) of  C) with  D) about

Adjective + Preposition Quiz