Idioms with book

Here are 8 English idioms related to book.


If you are in someone's good book, they are pleased with you. If you are in someone's bad book, they are annoyed with you.
  • She's trying to get back in the teacher's good books.
  • I'm in his bad books because I forgot to invite him.


If you bring someone to book, you officially punish them for their behaviour.
  • We'll bring the criminals to book.


If you do or play something by the book, you do or play it exactly according to rules.

  • I always do everything by the book.


If someone has cooked the books, they have changed accounts and figures in order to steal money.
  • The accountant was arrested for cooking the books.


If someone tries or uses every trick in the book, they try or use every available method in order to achieve what they want.
  • He is using every trick in the book to persuade her to buy things.


In my book is used when you are giving your opinion about something.

  • That's success in my book.


If you describe someone or something as an open book, you mean they are easy to understand.
  • His life was an open book.


If you can read someone like a book, you easily understand their thoughts and feelings.
  • My father always knows what I'm thinking - He can read me like a book.