Phrasal verbs/I

Here is a list of phrasal verbs that start with I

Identify with

1. to feel that you understand the feeling and ideas of someone else:
  • I didn't identify with the characters in the story.
2. to equate something with something:
  • Some people identify material wealth with happiness.
3. to think that someone is involved or connected with something:
  • He has always been identified closely with the peace movement.

Improve on/upon

to achieve a better result than before:
  • He is trying to improve on last performance.

Inform on/against

to give information to the police or another authority about someone:
  • His neighbours informed on him.

Ink in

(S) to use ink to complete something drawn in pencil:
  • I carefully inked in the lines.

Insist on/upon

to continue to do something, especially something that annoys other people:
  • He insisted on talking to me.

Interest in

to try to persuade someone to buy or take something:
  • Could I interest you in a cup of coffee, Sir?

Interfere with

to slow down a process or activity:
  • The noise outside was interfering with my concentration.

Invest with

to give some power or authority to someone:
  • They were invested with the authority to audit the company books.

Invite in/Invite over

(S) to ask someone to come into your home:
  • They invited me in for coffee.

Iron out

(S) to solve or remove difficulties or problems:
  • They need to iron out differences.

Issue from

If something issues from a place, it comes out or flows out of it:
  • The smells issued from the kitchen.

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