Idioms about happiness

On cloud noun 

very happy and excited:
  • He was on cloud nine when Rebecca was born. 
  • To promote to General Manager put me on cloud nine. 

Have a whale of a time 

to enjoy yourself very much; to have a fun time: 
  • We were having a whale of a time, dancing and drinking. 
  • Everyone had a whale of a time at the party. 

Make someone's day 

to make someone feel very happy. 
  • Her smile made my day. 
  • Jessica makes my day when she sends me a postcard. 

Walk on air 

to feel extremely happy:
After he won the race, he was walking on air. 
I felt that I was walking on air when I heard the news. 

Tickled pink 

very amused or pleased about something:
  • I was tickled pink to see her picture. 
  • The kids were tickled pink when they were taken to the park. 

On top of the world 

extremely happy or proud:
  • When I heard his good news I felt on top of the world. 
  • He sent me flowers! I'm sitting on top of the world. 

Over the moon 

very happy or pleased about something: 
  • He is over the moon about/with his new car. 
  • Emma was over the moon about becoming an aunt. 

In seventh heaven 

extremely happy:
  • She was in seventh heaven when they praised her cooking. 
  • He's been in seventh heaven since she agreed to marry him. 

Idioms about happiness


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