Types of machine: Vocabulary

Here are the types of machine with example sentences.

Washing machine 

=for washing clothes, sheets, etc. 
  • Did you put the dirty clothes in the washing machine? 
  • We'll send a plumber to install your washing machine. 
  • I clean my washing machine once a month. 
  • My new washing machine is more efficient than the old one. 

Sewing machine 

=for sewing things that are made of cloth 
  • She placed the sewing machine on the desk. 
  • Do you know how to thread a sewing machine? 
  • Computerized sewing machines are very expensive. 
  • Which features do you look for in a sewing machine? 

Answering machine 

=for recording messages left by the person calling 
  • He left a message on my answering machine. 
  • I called her this morning but I got the answering machine. 
  • Adjust the volume on the answering machine. 
  • Press this button to turn on the answering machine. 
  • There's a message on the answering machine from your father. 

Vending machine 

=for supplying small things such as cigarettes, drinks and sweets 
  • Insert your money into the vending machine. 
  • This vending machine dispenses a range of snacks. 
  • There are three vending machines in the office. 
  • He makes a little money with vending machines. 

Cash machine 

Also ATM 
=for taking money out of your bank account 
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  • Where's the nearest cash machine? 
  • The cash machine is out of order. 
  • The bank has 150 branches and 177 cash machines. 
  • You can withdraw money from any cash machine. 

Slot machine 

British English also fruit machine 
=for putting money into in order to play a game 
  • He sat down to play the slot machine. 
  • The casino has a wide selection of slot machines. 
  • She won $10 on a slot machine. 

Life-support machine 

Also life-support system 
=for keeping someone alive they are very sick 
  • He spent five days on a life-support machine. 
  • I refused to switch off her life-support machine. 
  • She has been on a life-support system since her car accident. 

Types of machine vocabulary