Linking verbs that describe changes

Linking verbs

We can use becomegetgo and turn as a linking verb. These types of linking verbs connect the subject of the verb to an adjective and describe changes.   
  • She hoped to become popular. 
  • I'm already starting to go bald. 
  • My work is getting better. 
  • The leaves are turning brown. 

Become and get can be used to describe changes of emotional or physical state, or situation. We use become in formal cases. 
  • He wants to become/get involved in politics. 
  • She became/got pregnant after two months.  

We use get with adjectives such as old, cold or dark to describe natural changes. 
  • It gets dark very early in the winter. 
  • We're all getting older every day. 

Go is used especially to describe changes that are not desirable 
  • My grandfather is going deaf. 
  • He went blind in one eye.  
  • He went crazy and started to scream.  
  • The milk has gone/turned sour. 
  • The bananas are starting to go rotten. 

Turn can be also used with an adjective to mean 'become' or 'change into a different state or condition'. 
  • The weather is turning cold. 
  • He turned nasty when I refused to give him another loan.  

We can use both turn and go to describe changes of colour. 
I started to turn/go gray when I was thirty. 
His face turned/went red with embarrassment 
She suddenly turned/went pale. 

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Linking verbs

Linking verbs

Linking verbs


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