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Colours in English

'What's your favourite colour?', 'What colour are your eyes?' or 'What colour is the car?' - these are the most common questions about colour in English. If you know the names of the colours in English, you will answer those questions. 

Here is the list of the most common colour: 
Colors in English

the colour of snow, milk or bone 
white, color

the darkest colour like a very dark night.
black, color


Roses are red, violets are blue.
red, color

The leaves were beginning to turn yellow.
yellow, color

Carrots are orange. 
orange, color

Green is the colour of grass.  
green, color


The sky was blue. 
blue, color


Purple is the colour of plum. 
purple, color


The pink lipstick is my mam's.  
pink, color


The colour of coffee is brown.  
brown, color


The air was thick with the grey smoke of cigars. 
gray, grey, color


Color is the American spelling of colourOther than the spelling, there is no difference between the two words.  


If something is similar to the colour that you want to describe, you can use the suffix ish (though not black or white) 
  • greenish car (almost green) 
  • reddish hair 


A shade of a particular colour is one of its different types or degrees. For example, navy blue is a shade of blue. 
We commonly use lightbright and dark to describe a colour.
Colors in English
You can talk about shades of colour by using nature words.
sky blue, forest green, midnight blue, etc.


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