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16 food preparation verbs

16 food preparation verbs with example sentences

Kitchen verbs


to put one substance with others 
  • Add the sugar and mix well. 


to mix foods quickly with a fork, etc. to make a mixture smooth and light 
  • Beat yolks and whites together.   


to mix two or more ingredients thoroughly 
  • Blend the butter with egg yolk and sugar. 


to take the bones out of meat or fish before you cook it 
  • She boned the chicken breast. 


to cut food into smaller pieces with a knife or other sharp tool 
  • The herbs should be finely chopped 


to remove the inner organs of a fish or an animal to prepare it for cooking 
  • She began to clean the salmon. 


to cut meat, vegetables, etc.into small cubes 
  • Wash and dice the carrot. 


to change something solid into a liquid by heating 
  • Melt the butter in a frying pan. 


to cut food into thin flat pieces 
  • She sliced the onion into thin rings.  


to put a thin layer of a soft food over the surface 
  • Spread the butter on/over the slices of bread.


to press a mixture of flour, water, etc. repeatedly with your hand to make it ready to cook 
  • Wash your hands before kneading the dough.  


to make a liquid or substance flow in a stream from or into a container 
  • Pour the sauce into a pot.  


to remove the outer layer of fruit or vegetables 
  • Could you peel the potatoes? 

Roll out 

(S) to make something flatter and thinner by pushing a rolling pin over it  
  • Roll out the pastry thinly. 


to cut cheese, vegetables, etc. into a lot of small pieces by rubbing them against a grater 
  • Grate chocolate over the dessert.  


to stir food such as cream or egg very quickly in order to make it stiff 
  • Lightly whip the cream.  

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