Living room vocabulary

A living room (British English also sitting room) is a room where people sit together and relax. 



a large comfortable chair with sides for your arms 
  • He was sitting in his armchair. 


a piece of furniture with shelves that you put books on 
  • He filled the bookcase with old books.  

Coffee table 

a low table in front of a sofa 
  • He put the magazines on the coffee table. 

End table 

American English a small table beside a sofa or armchair on which you often put a lamp 
  • There was a wine glass on the end table 


a cloth bag filled with soft material such as feathers that you put on something to make it more comfortable 
  • a sofa cushion 
  • I rested my head on the cushion 


Synonym couch 
a long, soft seat with arms and a back, on which two or more people can sit 
  • She stretched herself out on the sofa 

Rocking chair 

American English also rocker 
a chair with two pieces of wood fixed to the bottom of it, so that it moves backwards and forwards if someone pushes it 
  • He was sitting in his rocking chair by the fire.  


Formal television set 
Informal telly 
aelectronic device with a glass screen that receives television signals 
  • a black-and-white/colour television 
  • Please turn the television on/off .

Remote control 

Informal remote, zapper 
a small device that you use to operate a television, DVD player, etc. from a distance 
  • I need two new batteries for the remote 


a place in the wall of a room, where you can build a fire. A shelf above a fireplace is called a mantelpiece or mantel 
  • I want you to sweep the ashes from the fireplace. 


a piece of thick cloth that is used to cover part of a floor 
  • a fireside/hearth rug 
  • an oriental/Persian rug