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The utility room vocabulary

The utility room

The utility room

A utility room (US also Laundry Room) is a small room in a house that contains appliances for cleaning and ironing.



a powder or liquid that is used to remove dirt from clothes, dishes, etc.
  • a packet of detergent

Washing machine

an electric machine that is used to wash clothes in
  • Did you load the washing machine?


a flat container with a short handle that you put on the floor and sweep dirt and dust into it
  • He used a dustpan and brush for cleaning up the broken glass.


American English also: Pail
an open container with a handle, often used for holding or carrying water; the amount a bucket can contain
  • to fill a bucket with water
  • three buckets of water

Vacuum cleaner

Also: Hoover
an electrical machine that sucks up dust and small particles from floors, carpets, etc.
  • Replace the vacuum cleaner bag on a regular basis.


a tool consisting of a mass of thick strings or soft material attached to a long handle, used for washing floors
  • He took the mop and a bucket of soapy water and started to wipe the floor.


a brush with long handle that is used for sweeping something from floors
  • She grabbed the broom and swept the kitchen.


a tool consisting of a handle and flat metal base that is heated with electricity and used to make clothes smooth
  • a steam iron

Ironing board

a long narrow table with folding legs, on which you can iron clothes
  • He laid the shirt flat on the ironing board and tried to iron out the wrinkles.

Clothes peg

American English: Clothespin
a wooden or plastic object that you use to fasten washing to a clothesline
  • Don’t leave the clothes pegs on the line.


a soft cloth that is used for removing dust from surfaces
  • Use that duster to wipe the table.


American English: Faucet
a device that you can open and close to control the flow of water from a pipe
  • The hot/cold tap [=faucet]
  • Turn the tap [=faucet] on/off


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