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The Bedroom vocabulary

A bedroom is a room that you use for sleeping in. 

Bedroom vocabulary


Dressing table 

a piece of bedroom furniture with drawers and a mirror, that you use while dressing or putting on makeup, etc. 
  • She sat in front of her dressing table's mirror to brush her hair.  


a piece of furniture on which you sleep or rest 
  • a single/double/twin bed 
  • She was lying on the bed.  [in bed=under the blanket] 
  • He quickly made his bed 


a decorative cloth put over a bed, on the top of all the other covers 
  • This bedspread really suits my room.  


a large piece of cloth, often made of wool, that you use on a bed to keep you warm  
  • The nurse wrapped a blanket around the baby.  


a large piece of thin cloth that you use on a bed to cover the mattress and to lie on 
  • She tucked the bottom end of the sheet under the mattress. 


the soft part of a bed, that you use to lie on 
  • I had to sleep on a mattress on the floor.  


a rectangular bag made of cloth that is filled with soft materials, and is used to rest your head on when you are lying 
  • a feather/foam pillow 
  • I fluffed up the pillows for you. 

Bedside table 

American English nightstand, night table 
a small table, often with a drawer, beside a bed 
  • He put the lamp down on the bedside table 

Alarm clock 

a clock that wakes you up at specified time 
  • I've set my alarm clock for five o'clock. 


American English closet 
a large piece of furniture or a space in a wall with a door where you hang your clothes 
  • a fitted/built-in/walk-in wardrobe 
  • a sliding door wardrobe 

Chest of drawers 

American English also bureau 
a piece of furniture with several drawers in which you keep clothes such as underwear and socks 
  • We bought two chests of drawers for the house. 


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