Phrasal verbs with Fall

Phrasal verbs with FallHere is the list of phrasal verbs with Fall

Fall about

informal. to laugh in an uncontrolled way
  • We fell about when he said that.

Fall apart

1. to break into pieces because it is very old or in very bad condition
  • My boots are so old, they are falling apart.
2. If an organization, agreement or relationship falls apart, it is unable to continue
  • Their marriage is in danger of falling apart.
  • New tax system is falling apart

Fall away

1. to become smaller or lower
  • Membership of the club has fallen away.
2. If parts of something fall away, they break off from the thing they were attached to
  • Plaster was falling away from the ceiling.

Fall back

to move away from an enemy during a battle or war

Fall back on

to use something for support in a difficult situation
  • I have $10000 in my savings to fall back on.

Fall behind

1. to move or make progress more slowly than other people
  • They are falling behind their foreign competitors.

2. to fail to do something at the planned time
  • He fell behind with [US fell behind on] his monthly mortgage payments.

Fall down

to fail; to be unsuccessful
  • Why did the theory fall down?

Fall for

informal. to be romantically attracted to someone;to start to love someone
  • I was 18 when I fell for Jessica.

Fall in

1. (of soldiers) to start to form a line
  • The soldiers were ordered to fall in for the parade.
2. If a roof or ceiling, etc. falls in, it collapses and drops to the ground
  • The garage roof has fallen in.

Fall into

to begin to do something without planning or intending to       
  • I fell into gardening by accident.
  • He fell into conversation [US a conversation] with a girl at the bar.

Fall in with

to agree to a plan, idea, decision, etc.
  • He didn't fall in with our plan.

Fall off

to become smaller or lower
  • Sales fell off during the year.

Fall on/upon

1. If something falls on you, you are responsible for doing it
  • The burden of responsibility always falls on the mother.

2. to unexpectedly attack someone
  • They fell on the man with baseball bats.

3. to take hold of someone or something enthusiastically
  • He fell on the food and ate the whole plateful.

Fall out

1. If your tooth or hair falls out, it becomes separated from your mouth or head
  • My hair started to fall out.

2. to have an argument or disagreement  with someone
  • She'd fallen out with her brother.

Fall over

to hit your foot against something by accident so that you lose your balance and fall
  • He fell over a log and broke his ankle.

Fall over yourself

to be enthusiastic about doing something
  • He is falling over himself to work with us.

Fall through

to fail to happen; not to succeed
  • His plan to move to Berlin fell through.

Fall to

If a job or responsibility falls to someone, it becomes their job or responsibility.
  • It fell to me to tell him the truth.