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Synonyms for easy

Here is the list of synonyms for easy

Synonyms for easy


not hard; done without difficulty or much effort; not causing a lot of problems
  • an easy lesson/exam
  • She’s very easy to contact.
  • It isn’t easy to be honest.
  • English is easy to learn.
  • He scored an easy goal after ten minutes.


not complex; not difficult to do, solve or understand
  • a simple task/matter
  • There are no simple solutions to these complicated problems.
  • The answer to this question is very simple.
  • He gave me a clear and simple explanation.
  • The diagrams are simple enough.


1. suitable for your comfort, plans, or needs; useful and easy to do or use
a convenient time/date
  • I'll try to schedule the appointment at a convenient time for you.
  • What is the most convenient way of preparing chicken?
  • It is more convenient to shop online.

2. close to a particular place and easy to reach
  • Our house is convenient for the local supermarkets.
  • American English. Our house is convenient to


done easily and skillfully; requiring little or no effort
  • effortless movement/motion
  • an effortless teaching style
  • She moved with effortless grace.


easy to manage or control
  • manageable tasks
  • Her wavy hair was soft and manageable.
  • We divided the work into manageable sections.
  • The students were divided into small, manageable groups.
  • He reduced the problem to a manageable size.


1. easy for anyone to understand
  • His latest book is so compelling and accessible to everyone.

2. able to be reached, entered, seen, etc.
  • The inn is accessible by public transport.

3. easily obtained
  • Basic healthcare services that are accessible to all.


causing no stress or problems
  • There’s no painless solution to this problem.
  • The train is a painless way to travel to London.


not difficult to do or understand
  • a straightforward process/operation
  • It's quite straightforward to use this software.
  • The operating instructions are straightforward.
  • The system is far from straightforward. [=The system is complicated]


  • easy to understand or deal with
  • an uncomplicated person
  • She had an uncomplicated pregnancy.
  • It’s an uncomplicated machine that is easy to start and use.


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