Marriage problems vocabulary

Here is the vocabulary of separation and marriage problems for English learners

Adultery (n)

sex between a married man or woman and someone who is not their spouse
  • He committed adultery with a woman.
  • Adultery is a crime in some countries.

Affair (n)

a secret sexual relationship with someone who is not your spouse or who is married to someone else
  • He was having an affair with a much younger woman.

Annul (v)

to declare that a marriage no longer legally exists
  • Their marriage was quickly annulled last month.

Bigamy (n)

the crime of marrying two different people at the same time

Break up (v)

to end a marriage or romantic relationship with someone
  • Have you really broken up with your girlfriend?

(of a marriage or romantic relationship) to come to an end
  • Their marriage has broken up.

Cheat on (v)

to secretly have a sexual relationship with someone who is not your partner in marriage
  • He was cheating on his wife.

Custody (n)

the legal right to care for a child
  • The court gave custody of the child to the mother.
  • The parents have shared custody of their daughter.
  • She received sole custody of her son.
  • custodial parent

Decree absolute (n)

the final order by a court that officially ends your marriage and allows you to remarry

Dissolve (v)

to annul or officially end a marriage
  • Their marriage was dissolved.

Divorce (v)

to legally terminate your marriage relationship with someone
  • My parents were divorced when I was three.
  • She divorced her abusive husband.

Divorce (n)

a legal process to terminate a marriage relationship
  • Both marriages ended in divorce.
  • We’re getting divorced.
  • He began divorce proceedings today.

Divorcé (n)

a man who is divorced

Divorcée (n)

a woman who is divorced

Divorced (adj)

of someone who is no longer married
  • I am a divorced man with two children.

Dump (v)

informal. to suddenly end a relationship with someone
  • He was dumped by her girlfriend.

Extramarital (adj)

taking place outside of a marriage or relationship
  • He denied having an extramarital affair.

Leave (v)

to finish a relationship with a husband or wife and leave them permanently
  • My husband is leaving me for his lover.

Liaison (n)

formal. a secret sexual relationship

Mistress (n)

a woman that a man has an extramarital sexual relationship with
  • He kept mistress for three years.

Part (v)

to leave each other because the relationship has ended
  • We parted on good terms.

Separate (v)

to stop living together with your husband or wife while remaining married
  • He had separated from his wife.

Separation (n)

a situation in which a couple decide to live apart but not to divorce each other
  • a legal separation

Unfaithful (adj)

having a sexual relationship with someone who is not your spouse

  • He has admitted being unfaithful to his wife.