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Synonyms with E

Here is the list of words that start with E and their synonyms

Eager (adj)

enthusiastic, keen, motivated,  avid, fervent, hooked, mad about/on
Showing enthusiasm for something

Earn (v)

monetize, cash in, recoup, amass

Earnest (adj)

sedulous, determined, ambitious, persistent, aggressive, dedicated

Easy (adj)

simple, convenient, elementary, effortless, manageable, undemanding

Eat (v)

swallow, have, consume, taste, take, ingest

Eccentric (adj)

bizarre, unusual, nutty, odd, strange, weird

Eclipse (v)

downplay, trivialize, understate, downgrade, overshadow

Economical (adj)

thrifty, frugal, careful, mean, stingy

Edge (n)

apex, base, bevel, confines, corner, end, frame, margin, side, surrounds

Educate (v)

teach, train, edify, initiate, coach, lecture, ground, tutor, instruct

Educated (adj)

knowledgeable, trained, learned, intellectual, intelligent, qualified, literate, well-read, scholarly

Effective (adj)

efficient, helpful, useful, operative, valuable, scalable, impactful

Eject (v)

drive out, send away, displace, deport, exile, expel

Elaborate (adj)

broad, descriptive, detailed, extensive

Elder (adj)

senior, aged, venerable, wizened

Eligible (adj)

acceptable, admissible, allowable, licensed, permissible

Eliminate (v)

replace, shed, dump, eradicate, discard, remove

Elude (v)

forget, obliterate

Embarrass (v)

humiliate, shame, inhibit, degrade, wither

Embrace (v)


Emend (v)

correct, proofread, redact

Emerge (v)


Eminent (adj)

famous, respected, admirable

Emphasize (v)


Employer (n)

boss, chief, head

Empty (adj)

blank, bare, clear, void

Emulate (v)

imitate, copy, mimic

Enable (v)

allow, entitle, empower

Enchant (v)

inspire, attract, delight

Enclose (v)

kettle, surround, encircle, envelop, ring

Encompass (v)

include, take in, involve, span

Encourage (v)

motivate, urge on, spur, prod

End (v)

complete, conclude, finish

Endless (adj)

unlimited, unrestricted, limitless, boundless, infinite

Endorse (v)

support, back, align

Endure (v)


Enemy (n)

opponent, adversary, foe

Energetic (adj)

active, alive, dynamic, vigorous, vital, lively

Engrave (v)


Engulf (v)

surround, cover

Enhance (v)

improve, remedy, boost, enrich

Enjoy (v)

like, go in for, delight in, savour, love

Enjoyable (adj)

pleasant, lovely, cheerful, restful, relaxing

Enlarge (v)

maximize, scale up, expand,swell

Enormous (adj)

huge, vast, immense

Enough (adj)


Inquire (v)

ask, question

Enrage (v)

anger, infuriate

Ensemble (n)

band, chorus, group

Ensue (v)


Entail (v)


Entangle (v)

wind, twist

Enter (v)

1. get in, come in
2. inscribe, register, log

Entertain (v)

amuse, charm, cheer, delight

Entertainment (n)

amusement, fun, play, pleasure

Entice (v)


Entire (adj)

complete, full, perfect, total, whole

Entrance (n)

access, door, entry, gate

Entrant (n)

beginner, candidate, initiate, newcomer

Entrepreneur (n)

businessman, financier, industrialist, magnate, tycoon

Entrust (v)

assign, authorize, charge, commend, commit, depute

Entwine (v)

braid, embrace, encircle, entwist, twine, twist, wind

Enunciate (v)

express, pronounce, say, sound, vocalize, voice

Envelop (v)

blanket, cover, encircle, enclose, enwrap, hide, surround

Envious (adj)

covetous, green, grudging, jealous, malicious, resentful

Equal (adj)

equivalent, identical, consistent

Equip (v)

provide, supply, arrange, offer

Equipment (n)

accessories, apparatus, baggage, gear, supplies

Erase (v)

cancel, delete, remove, rub out

Erect (v)

build, put together, assemble, construct, elevate, found

Error (n)

fault, fail, inaccuracy, mistake, wrong

Erudite (adj)

educated, knowledgeable, literate

Escape (v)

get away, break away, flee

Especially (adv)

chiefly, mainly, markedly, principally, supremely, uniquely

Essential (adj)

basic, crucial, fundamental, important, key, main, necessary, vital

Establish (v)

form, invent, make, start off

Estimate (v)

assess, calculate, compute, count, evaluate

Eternal (adj)

abiding, endless, enduring, everlasting, immortal, limitless

Evacuate (v)

abandon, desert, forsake, leave

Even (adj)

1. balanced, equal, flat, level, smooth
2. identical, matching, similar

Ever (adv)

always, necessarily, constantly, at all times, at all

Evidence (n)

sign, proof

Evident (adj)

obvious, apparent, clear

Evil (adj)

cruel, unkind, awful, inhuman, hateful

Exact (adj)

accurate, precise, correct, specific, strict

Exaggerate (v)


Examine (v)

check, review, analyze, monitor, inspect

Example (n)

case, illustration, pattern, sample

Excavate (v)


Excellent (adj)

superb, wonderful, fine, first-rate, great

Exclaim (v)

blurt, call, cry, shout, utter

Excuse (v)

forgive, pardon

Execute (v)

kill, murder, assassinate, exterminate, dispatch

Exercise (n)

activity, aerobics, bend, curl, jog

Exhale (v)

breathe, blow, inhale, gulp, puff

Exhaust (v)

tire, wear out

Exist (v)

be, be available, constitute, last, live

Exit (v)

depart, leave

Expand (v)

broaden, develop, enlarge, extend

Expanse (n)

area, breadth, field, plain, space, vastness

Expect (v)

count on, plan on, reckon on, calculate on

Expense (n)

charge, cost, expenditure, payment, spending

Expenses (n)

costs, incidentals, outgoings

Expensive (adj)

costly, dear, exorbitant, extortionate, extravagant, high-priced

Experience (n)

familiarity, know-how, knowledge, practice

Experienced (adj)

capable, competent, expert, knowledgeable, professional, skillful, skilled, trained

Experiment (n)

examination, research, test

Expire (v)

run out

Explain (v)

define, interpret, clarify

Explicit (adj)

straightforward, simple, understandable, intelligible, apparent, easy, manifest

Explode (v)

blow up

Expose (v)


Express (v)

comment, speak out, articulate

Extensive (adj)

broad, extended, huge, large, lengthy, wide

External (adj)

outwith, outside, exterior, outer, outdoor

Extra (adj)

additional, supplementary

Extraordinary (adj)

unexpected, surprising, incredible

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