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Showing enthusiasm for something

Showing enthusiasm for something

Synonyms and related words


showing great interest or desire to do something or for something
  • An eager crowd gathered outside the concert hall.
  • He is eager to join our club.
  • She is eager for a new job.


wanting very much to do something pleasurable, interested in or liking someone or something
  • He is a keen photographer.
  • Jessica is keen on playing the piano.
  • I am mad keen on classic cars.
  • She is very keen to learn everything about his past.
  • John’s very keen on Rebecca.


showing deep interest in something that excites you
  • He is one of the enthusiastic supporters of our party.
  • She seems highly enthusiastic about my idea.
  • They were not enthusiastic about moving to Paris.


showing strong feelings of enthusiasm for someone or something that you support
  • He is a fervent supporter of the Green Party.
  • He expressed his fervent desire to bring social stability to the country.


showing strong feelings or belief in something
  • She was an ardent feminist.
  • My brother is an ardent fan of Messi.


showing an intense feeling about someone or something
  • He expressed a passionate interest in modern art.
  • She was always passionate about volleyball.
  • The hostage made a passionate plea for mercy.


deeply interested in something that you enjoy doing
  • She is an avid reader of romantic fiction.
  • He is an avid stamp collector.
  • I was avid for any news of Anna.


having a lot of energy and ethusiasm for something
  • My sister is a zealous animal lover.
  • The Zealous protesters marched through Ankara.
  • He was very zealous in the reform of the education system. 


eager to achieve something, although it is very difficult
  • He is a very motivated and energetic employee.
  • The class was full of highly motivated students.

Mad about (informal)

loving someone or something very much, enthusiastic about something
  • Eris is mad about street sports.
  • She was mad about her nephews. 


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