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Baby Vocabulary

Baby vocabulary

A baby is a very young child. A baby in the first four weeks after birth is called a neonate. A recently born child is called a newborn child.  If a baby is still drinking milk from its mother, we call it a suckling. A child who is just learning to walk is called a toddler.

Bottle (n)

Baby bottle
a plastic container with a tent at the top, used to give milk or a drink to a baby
  • The baby finished the whole bottle at once.

Bottle-feed (v)

to feed a baby with a bottle
  • She decided to bottle-feed her baby.

Bouncing (adj)

energetically healthy
  • She has a bouncing baby boy.

Breastfeed (v)

Synonym: to suckle
to feed a baby from a mother’s breast
  • She is breastfeeding twins.

Carrycot (n)

a small bed with handles that is designed to carry a baby while travelling
  • The baby was sleeping in the carrycot.


American English: crib
a baby bed with the sides that is too high to climb
  • The baby is lying in the cot.

Cradle (n)

a small bed that moves from side to side when pushed gently
  • Rock gently the baby to sleep in its cradle.

Crawl (v)

to move slowly on the hands and knees
  • My baby is learning to crawl.

Dummy (n)

American English: pacifier
a small plastic, rubber or silicone object given to a baby to suck or bite on
  • My baby does not sleep without the pacifier.

Lullaby (n)

Synonym: cradle-song
a relaxing song that is sung to make children calm or go to sleep
  • My grandmother knows many old lullabies.

Nappy (n)

American English: diaper
cloth or synthetic material that is placed the between baby’s legs to catch its waste
  • She had never changed a nappy before.

Playpen (n)

an enclosed structure with wooden bars in which babies can play safely
  • She left her baby in the playpen.

Pram (n)

American English: baby carriage
a small vehicle with four wheels that is used for moving a baby around while it is lying down

Romper suit (n)

a piece of clothing that covers a baby’s body. A piece of clothing worn by a baby at night is called sleepsuit.
  • a little boy wearing romper suit

Pushchair (n)

Synonym: buggy
American English: stroller
a small vehicle with four wheels that looks like a chair and used for moving a baby around

Teethe (v)

to grow teeth
  • My baby is still teething.

Toddle (v)

to move unsteadily with short steps

Walker (n)

Baby walker

a frame with small wheels that allows a baby to move around a room

Bib (n)


a piece of cloth that covers a baby’s chest to keep clothes clean while feeding

Rattle (n)


a baby’s toy that makes a sound when it is shaken


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