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Beauty salon vocabulary

A place where beautician, hairdresser (also called hairstylist) or a masseur works to give people beauty treatment is called a beauty salon or beauty parlour (US beauty shop)
A place where barber works to cuts men’s hair and shave their beard is called a barber’s (US barbershop)

See:  Professions

Beauty salon services can include:

Facial (noun)

a beauty treatment to make the skin of the face soft, smooth and bright with creams, lotions or face masks
  • She did a facial for the dry flaky skin on my face.

Manicure (noun)

a beauty treatment to make hands and fingernails healthy, soft and good-looking
Pedicure (noun)
a beauty treatment to make feet and toenails healthy, soft and good-looking
  • She usually has a manicure and pedicure at home.

Blow-dry (noun)

a beauty treatment that involves drying and shaping hair
  • She had a cut and blow-dry.

Dye (verb)

to give your hair a new colour by using a substance
  • She decided to dye her hair red.

Curl (verb)

to give hair a curved shape by using hair rollers or curling iron
  • She is thinking of curling her hair.

Perm (verb)

to give your hair curl for a long time using chemicals. It is also known as ‘permanent wave
  • I had my hair permed yesterday.

Perm (noun)

a chemical treatment to give your hair curl for a long time
  • My hair is naturally curly. I haven’t had a perm.

Shampoo (verb)

to wash your hair with shampoo [liquid for cleaning hair]
  • She shampooed her hair after dyeing it.

Straighten (verb)

to make hair straight by using a flat iron (also called straightener)
  • She wants to straighten her curly hair.

Trim (verb)

to make hair tidy by cutting it
  • I see she’s had her hair trimmed.

Rinse (verb)

to use clean water in order to remove soap or dirt
  • First rinse your hair thoroughly then apply conditioner.

Wax (verb) 

to remove hair by using hot wax or wax strip
  • She got her legs and armpits waxed at the salon.

List of tools used in beauty salon and barber’s


Towel clipart

Hairdresser’s chair

Hairdresser’s chair clipart

Hair roller/curler

curler clipart


Comb clipart

(Hair) Brush

Brush clipart

Styling brush

Styling brush clipart

Curling iron

Curling iron clipart

Flat iron (straightener)

Flat iron (straightener) clipart


Scissors clipart

Hand mirror

Hand mirror clipart

Hair clipper

Hair clipper clipart


Hairdryer clipart



Shampoo clipart


Conditioner clipart

Styling gel

Styling gel clipart


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