Office vocabulary

Office vocabulary

Ballpoint (also BiroTM)

Office Vocabulary - Pen
a pen with a  tiny rotating ball that allows ink to flow as you write:
  • red ballpoint  pen
  • to write in black ballpoint pen
  • Ballpoint pen has dried out.

Binder clip

Office Vocabulary - Binder clip
a metal device with folding handles, that is designed to hold many sheets of paper together:
  • to fasten together with a binder clip. 
  • He used a binder clip to organize wires.


Office Vocabulary - Calculator
a small electronic device used for adding (+), subtracting (-), multiplying (x), or dividing (÷) numbers:
  • The examinees are not allowed to share calculators during the exam.


Office Vocabulary - Clipboard

a small board used for holding a paper in position:
  • She made a list of candidates on the clipboard.

Correction fluid (also white-out)

Office Vocabulary - Correction fluid

a white, quick-drying liquid used for covering errors on paper:
  • You can write on the correction fluid, it has dried.


Office Vocabulary - Envelope

a flat container typically made of paper, for letters or documents in it:
  • Put your address on the envelope.

Eraser (also rubber)

Office Vocabulary - Eraser

a soft substance used for removing something made by a pencil:
  • to rub out something with an eraser.


Office Vocabulary - Folder

folding plastic or cardboard used for holding sheets of paper:
  • Please keep these documents in a folder.

Glue stick

Office Vocabulary - Glue stick

a tube with a sticky substance that is used for joining papers and cards together:
  • Glue sticks are ideal for paper craft.


Office Vocabulary - Highlighter

a marker that is used to bring notice to important passages of a document by marking them with a bright colour:
  • A typical highlighter is yellow because our eyes are most sensitive to yellow.

In tray

Office Vocabulary - In tray

an open container on someone’s desk to put incoming documents in:
  • His in-tray is empty today.


Office Vocabulary - Notepad

sheets of lined paper that are fastened together at top edge, used for recording notes:
  • a notepad by the phone
  • a plain notepad
  • to scribble a note on a notepad


Office Vocabulary - Paperclip

a small wire or plastic bent into a looped shape and used for holding sheets of paper together:
  • The paperclip was invented by Johan Vaaler.


Office Vocabulary - Pencil

an instrument containing a marking substance, typically made of wood, for writing or drawing:
  • a coloured pencil
  • to write in pencil
  • to sharpen a pencil

Pencil sharpener

Office Vocabulary - Pencil sharpener

a small device with a hole to put a pencil into and sharpen it by rotating it several times:
  • a hand-held pencil sharpener
  • an electric sharpener

Post-it TM (also Post-it note)

Office Vocabulary - Post-it

a small sticky paper used for writing short notes on:
  • He labelled the folders with post-it notes.

Punched pocked (US sheet protector)

Office Vocabulary - Punched pocked

a flat, transparent bag with a row of holes, that is used to attach a sheet of paper to a folder:
  • Please remove the document from the punched pocket.


Office Vocabulary - Pushpin

a small pin with a large plastic head that is used for temporarily fastening papers or pictures on a wall or a board:
  • We fastened our holiday photos with pushpins to the wall.

Ring binder

Office Vocabulary - Ring binder

a folder with two or three rings inside that is used to hold papers or file folder:
  • You have to put the punched pockets into the ring binder.

Rubber stamp

Office Vocabulary - Rubber stamp

a small tool that is used for imprinting a name, logo or date by pressing it on paper:
  • He dated the letters with the rubber stamp.


Office Vocabulary - Scissors

a tool consisting of two pivoting blades, that is used for cutting paper, cloth, hair etc.:
  • a pair of scissors

SellotapeTM (also sticky tape; US Scotch tapeTM)

Office Vocabulary - Scotch
Office Vocabulary - tape dispenser

a sticky and transparent material on a roll that is used to stick papers together. A device to hold and cut the tape is called a tape dispenser.
  • I need Sellotape to seal the package up. 


Office Vocabulary - Stapler
Office Vocabulary - staple remover

a device used to join pieces of paper with staples (U-shaped wire).  A device to remove staples from a paper is called a staple remover.