Tips to improve your English vocabulary

Here the tips to help you improve your English vocabulary

Find a comfortable place and begin to read

  • Read one new book a week, and read several magazines, newspapers or endless online sources every day.
  • Pay close attention to words that you don’t understand and use a dictionary to learn their meaning and usage.
  • Create a list, write the new words with their meanings or translations and use them later.
  • Reading will improve your memory, imagination, make you smarter, and expand your vocabulary.

Build your vocabulary

  • Use  word of the day websites to learn new words.
  • Play with words: Boggle, scrabble or word puzzles are great ways to learn new words.
  • Try to learn Latin and Greek roots of the words to understand the many other words that have the same root.
  • Learn related words. For example: use, useful, useless, and usable. You can learn more words by using one word.

Let’s use new words

  • Try to learn new words on your list by using them in sentences.           
  • Use simple memorization techniques such as flash cards or mnemonics.
  • Find native speakers and use new words in conversation.
  • Try to write an essay using the new words or about a word on your list.

Improve your vocabulary with

We offer you to improve and expand your vocabulary:
  • Vocabulary topics with definitions and examples
  • Idioms related to the topics
  • List of phrasal verbs with definitions and examples
  • List of synonyms
  • List of most used words
  • Word of the Day

Improve vocabulary
Tips to improve your English vocabulary