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Synonyms with B

Here is the list of words that start with A and their synonyms

  • Baby (n): babe, infant, child
  • Back (n): rear, tail
  • Background (n): education, experience, circumstances
  • Bad (adj): unpleasant, poor quality
  • Badly (adv): unpleasantly, poorly
  • Bag (n): packet, sack
  • Bag (v): catch
  • Baggage (n): gear, luggage
  • Balance (n): equity, harmony
  • Balcony (n): porch, terrace
  • Bald (adj): hairless
  • Ban (v): forbid, prohibit
  • Bandit (n): thief, robber
  • Bare (adj): naked
  • Bargain (n): agreement
  • Barrier (n): obstacle
  • Base (n): 1. Foundation, infrastructure; 2.headquarter
  • Basic (adj): elementary, essential, fundamental
  • Battle (n): combat; fighting, war
  • Bazaar (n): fair, marketplace
  • Beak (n): bill, snout
  • Bear (v): 1.accept, endure, tolerate; 2. Bring; 3. Produce
  • Beat (v): hit, strike
  • Beautiful (adj): attractive, appealing, charming
  • Because (conj): as, by reason of, on account of
  • Become (v): be, involve into, turn into
  • Before (adv): earlier, previously
  • Before (prep): since, previous to
  • Beg (v): beseech, implore
  • Begin (v): start, commence, launch
  • Behave (v): act, function
  • Belief (n): faith, trust
  • Believe (v): trust, rely on
  • Beloved (adj): darling, dear, loved
  • Bend (v): curve
  • Benefit (n): advantage, profit
  • Besides (adv): in addition, also
  • Bet (v): gamble, wager
  • Between (prep): among
  • Beverage (n): drink, liqour
  • Big (adj): large, great
  • Bill (n): check, invoice
  • Biscuit (n): cake, cookie, wafer
  • Bite (v): cut into, sting
  • Bitter (adj): 1. Harsh, sharp; 2. Hostile, nasty; 3. Painful
  • Bizarre (adj): odd, strange, weid
  • Blade (n): knife, sword
  • Blame (v): accuse
  • Blank (adj): clear, unfilled, vacant
  • Blast (v): bomb, explode
  • Blend (v): mix, combine
  • Bless (v): sanctify
  • Blink (v): flicker, twinkle, sparkle
  • Block (v): blockade, obstruct
  • Bloody (adj): cruel, fierce, savage
  • Bluff (v): deceive
  • Boil (v): poach, simmer. Stew
  • Bold (adj): brave, fearless
  • Book (v): register, arrange for
  • Border (n): boundary, edge, line
  • Boss (n): employer, leader
  • Bother (v): worry, annoy
  • Brave (adj): bold
  • Break (n): crack, damage
  • Breathe (v): exhale, inhale
  • Brew (v): infuse
  • Brief (adj): short
  • Bright (adj): shiny
  • Brilliant (adj): 1. Bright, shiny; 2. Intelligent, smart
  • Bring (v): take, carry; 2.cause
  • Brisk (adj): active, energetic, quick
  • Broadcast (v): advertise, televise
  • Broad (adj): wide
  • Brutal (adj): cruel, violent
  • Build (v): construct
  • Bulky (adj): huge
  • Burn (v): blaze, ignite, scorch
  • Bury (v): conceal, cover
  • Buy (v): purchase

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