Parts of animals


Parts of animals


curved nail on the toe of a bird or an animal:
  •  Cats scratch at things to sharpen their claws.

Cloven hoof

the foot of an animal such as sheep that is divided into two toes:
  • The religions permit to eat animals that have cloven hooves.


a long sharp tooth of an animal that is used for biting:
  •  A snake uses its fangs to bite and inject venom.


the woolen coat on a sheep:


the front feet of an animal. The plural form is forefeet. The front leg is called foreleg. 
  • He tied the horse’s forefeet together.


the soft hair of an animal. The hair, wool, or fur of an animal is called coat. 
  • the fox’s glossy fur 
  • goat with a shaggy coat


the hairs on the back of the neck of an animal, especially of a dog or a cat. 
  • Animals raise their hackles when they are frightened.


the back foot (leg) of an animal is called hind foot (leg). The back foot is also called hindlimb. The back part of animal with four feet is called hindquarters. 
  • The horses kick out with their hind legs when they are aggressive.


the hard, pointed structure on the head of some animals such as cattle:
  • Goats are born with horns.


a round part on the back of an animal such as a camel: 
  • Camels store fat in their humps.
  • Camels with two humps inhabit in Central Asia.


the long hair that covers the neck of a male lion or a horse:
  • The color of a lion’s mane indicates its health.


the nose, mouth, and jaw of an animal such as dog or horse:


the soft part under the paw of an animal such as cat or dog:
  • Pads make cats’ movement quiet.


the soft foot of an animal such as cat or dog
  • Tigers can kill a human with one paw swipe.


a fold of skin on the stomach of some marsupial animals:
  • Female kangaroos have a pouch to carry and feed their young.


the long nose, mouth, and jaw of an animal such as a pig or elephant seal:
  • The Northern elephant seals have trunk-like snouts.


the flexible part at the back of an animal’s body: 
  • Some monkeys use their tails to grasp tree branches.


the organ beneath the animal such as cow or goat, which produces milk:
  • The udder hygiene is important in milk production.


any of long, thick and stiff hairs that grow on the cheeks or above the eyes of some animals:
  • The whiskers of cats are connected to their nervous system.
Parts of horse
Parts of a horse

Fish and other water creatures


a thin vertical part of a fish, used for swimming and turning. A fin that is located on the back of a fish such as shark is called dorsal fin
  • We saw the fin of a shark circling.


the organ on the side of a fish’s head: 
  • Gills allow water creatures to breathe.


the curved claw of a lobster or crab, used for attack prey and holding things:
  • The lobsters have two different types of pincers.


one of the small rigid plates that cover the skin of fish and reptiles: 
  • Scales of a fish protect its soft body.


the hard outer covering of an animal such as a tortoise or snail:
  • Shell allows a turtle to move quickly through the water.

Parts of fish
Parts of a fish



the hard pointed or curved external part of a bird’s mouth. The entire mouth of a bird is called a bill.


the front part of a bird’s body: 
  • The American robin has reddish-orange breast.

Craw (also crop)

the part of a bird’s throat in which foot is stored temporarily:
  • Look at the gull with a full craw.


a group of feathers along the top of the head of a bird:
  • A Macaroni Penguin is easy to identify because of its orange crest.


the soft feathers of a young bird:
  • Goose down is used to fill pillows.


one of the plumages that cover most parts of the body of birds. 
  • The bird ruffled its feathers to remove dust.


one of the two parts of a bird’s beak. The beak has two parts: the upper mandible and the lower mandible.


the layer of feathers. 
  • I love birds with colorful plumage.


the red skin that hangs from the throat or neck of some birds such as a rooster. 
  • Adult male turkeys have a large red wattle.


one of the parts of a bird that is used for flying. 
  • The eagle flapped its wings furiously.


the soft, fine hair that grows on some animals such as sheep:
  • Wool is also used for carpeting.
Parts of bird
Parts of a bird



the third body part of an insect after the thorax:


one of the two long sense organs on an insect’s forehead. The plural form is antennaeThey are also called feelers.


the middle body part of an insect. The wings and legs are attached to the thorax in insects.
Parts of ant
Parts of an insect


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