Business people

List of business people with definitions and example sentences


an employee who prepares an organization's financial documents like profit statement:
  • Every organization needs one professional accountant.


an employee who organizes the policies and procedures of an organization:
  • The office administrator will prepare the meeting.


a person or company that acts for another person or company:
  • You cannot sell your house without a real-estate agent.


an employee who examines data, and gives his opinion:
  • The political analysts conducted public opinion survey.


a person who works with you in a business; colleague, co-worker:
  • Nancy and Susan are my business associates.


a person who is authorized to represent others in a business:
The actions will be taken by the attorney-in-fact.


a person who officially inspects the financial statements of a company for accuracy:
  • The external auditors will examine the accounts.


a person with an important job in a bank or other financial institution:
  • They are famous investment bankers in New Jersey.


an extremely powerful businessperson
  • Mohammed Al Amoudi, the oil baron of Saudi Arabia


a group of people who are elected to organize a company or other organizations:
  • The board of directors approved the decision about the new project.


an employee who records financial transactions such as purchases and sales systematically
  • He is a self-employed bookkeeper.


a person who is in charge of employees
  • He is the boss of a company.

Businessman (also businessperson, fem: businesswoman)

a person who works in a business:
  • Jeff Bezos is one of the richest businessmen.

Captain of industry

a person who owns a large and important company:
  • They were America’s captains of industry in 1800’s.

CEO (chief executive officer)

a managing director of an organization who reports to the board of directors:
  • Being CEO is the hardest position in a company.

Chairman (also chairperson, fem: chairwoman)

a senior person elected by the board of directors who runs the board’s meetings:
  • The chairman of the board called for the board meeting.


an experienced person who gives advice or information:
  • We need the help of a financial consultant.


a person who makes the various groups work together most effectively:
  • As coordinator, his job is to oversee the whole project.


a person or company that buys products from a producer for selling them
  • He is a dealer in new and used cars.


a person or company that supplies products to retailers:
  • The company is the largest film distributor in Canada.


a person who runs or starts his own business:
  • Successful entrepreneurs are always prepared for the risks.

Executive (informal: exec)

a senior person who directs and oversees other people in an organization:
  • The meeting with the senior executives will be held on Wednesday.


a person who provides a large amount of money to make a profit:
  • They are looking for financiers for the project.


an owner of an industrial enterprise:
  • The British Industrialist, The Father of the South Yorkshire Iron Trade, Sir John Brown


a person who invests money in something to make a profit:
  • The government will issue new policies to attract overseas investors.


a person who controls a group, country, organization etc.:
  • Fidel Castro was the political leader of Cuba.


a person who gives cash loan at extremely rates of interest, and recovers it by threats of violence:
  • He had been threatened by a loanshark.

Magnate (also mogul)

a rich and influential person in a business:
  • Michael Dell is a well-known computer magnate.


a person who manages a team of people in an organization:
  • task manager/bank manager/hotel manager/store manager


a person who buys products from a producer and sells them to customers:
  • Cut out the middleman to lower the price.


a person who gives cash loan, usually at high rates of interest:
  • We think taking a loan from moneylenders is not a good idea.

Office worker

an employee in an office:
  • Office workers usually suffer from back pain.


a powerful person who is the member of a small group that controls a country:
  • The oligarchs influence the politics.


one of the top people who do business together and shares the profits and liabilities equally:
The partner who does not take part in the management of the business is called a silent partner or sleeping partner.  
  • Tony is a senior partner in a law firm.


the owner of a business without limited responsibility:
  • a hotel/shop proprietor


an employee who maintains diaries, answers telephone calls, arranges appointments for the boss:
  • I telephoned the secretary to arrange an appointment with the lawyer.


a person or a company that has a share in an organization:
  • The investors are the important stakeholders in our company.

Supremo (informal)

a skillful person who has authority in a business:
  • The Apple supremo, Tim Cook


a person who manages property or money for the benefit of another:
  • The board of trustees of the state university


a successful and powerful person in a business:
  • Rupert Murdoch is one of the richest media tycoons.

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