Animal homes

Animal homes


a large cage for keeping birds in which the birds can fly. Aviary is also known as a flight cage.
  • We will create an aviary for rescued birds.


a large building used for housing livestock and for storing crops:
  • I want to convert this old barn into a home.


a hole or tunnel in the ground that an animal (such as a rabbit or mole) digs for habitation:
  • Some birds make burrows in soft soils.


a structure made of bars, wires or mesh, used for housing animals or bird:
  • I would like to see animals in their own environment, not in cages.

Coop (also hen house)

a small building for chickens:
  • You should lock the coop to protect the chicken from foxes.


shelter of some types of wild animals (such as a lion and bear), liar:
  • In autumn, bears look for a winter den.


the home of a tree squirrel:


a water-filled glass container in which water plants or animals are kept:


Beehive (also hive)

a container in which bees are kept:
  • I think it’s dangerous to have a beehive in the backyard.


a wooden box with a wire front, for keeping small animals in, especially rabbits:

Kennel (US doghouse)

a small shelter for dogs:
  • He made a dog house for his pups.


a hidden place where wild animals live or sleep:


a den of a beaver:


a shelter built by birds to lay their egg and protect their young from predators:
  • Birds use twigs, grass, and leaves to build their nests.


a large aquarium in which sea creatures are displayed to the public:


a small fenced area for keeping livestock. A pen for keeping cattle or horses is called a corral.  A set of pens for keeping farm animals is called a stockyard. A stockyard that is used to fatten farm animals is called a feedlot. A small pen for keeping one animal is called a stall.


a place such as a branch or a perch where birds sleep:


a den of a badger:

Web (also spider web)

a net created by a spider to trap insects:
  • Spider web can be used for healing wounds.


a place in which wild animals are displayed to the public: