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British and American English

British vs American English: Differences Illustrated

anticlockwise - counterclockwise

British vs American English

aubergine - eggplant

British vs American English

autumn - fall

British vs American English

beetroot - beet

British and American English

bill - check

dustbin - garbage can/trash can

trash can clipart

biro - ball-point pen

biscuit - cookie

cookie clipart

bonnet - hood

bonnet - hood clipart

boot - trunk

boot - trunk clipart

braces - suspenders

suspenders clipart

candy floss - cotton candy

cotton candy clipart

car park - parking lot

parking lot clipart

chemist's shop - drugstore/pharmacy

pharmacy clipart

chips - French fries

French fries clipart

clothes peg - clothespin

clothespin clipart

cooker - stove

cooker - stove clipart

bathing costume - swimsuit

 swimsuit clipart

cot - crib

courgette - zucchini

 zucchini clipart

 crisps - potato chips

potato chips clipart

dinner jacket - tux, tuxedo

tuxedo clipart

drawing pin - thumbtack

dummy - pacifier

pacifier clipart

football - soccer

soccer clipart

film - film, movie

movie clipart

flat - apartment

apartment clipart

gear lever - gear shift

gear shift clipart

holiday - vacation

vacation clipart

hoover - vacuum cleaner

vacuum cleaner clipart

indicator - blinker, turning signal

indicator - blinker, turning signal clipart

jacket potato - baked potato

British and American English

jumper - sweater

sweater clipart

ladybird - ladybug

ladybug clipart

letterbox, post box - mailbox

mailbox clipart

lift - elevator

lift - elevator clipart

lorry - truck

lorry - truck clipart

lost property- lost and found

lost and found

mackintosh - raincoat

raincoat clipart

mobile (phone) - cellphone

cellphone clipart

motorway - highway, freeway, expressway

highway clipart

maize - corn

maize - corn clipart

nappy - diaper

diaper clipart

number plate - license plate

license plate clipart

pavement - sidewalk

petrol - gas

Petrol clipart

pram, pushchair - baby carriage, stroller

rubber - eraser

eraser clipart

spanner - wrench

tap - faucet

faucet clipart

taxi - cab

taxi clipart

timetable - schedule

schedule clipart

tin - can

tin - can clipart

torch - flashlight

torch - flashlight clipart

trainers - sneakers

trainers - sneakers clipart

trousers - pants

trousers - pants clipart

tyre - tire

tyre - tire clipart

underground, tube - subway

 subway clipart

waistcoat - vest

vest clipart

zip - zipper

zip - zipper