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Phrasal verbs with Hold

Here is a list of phrasal verbs with "Hold"

Hold against

to have a bad opinion of someone because they have done something wrong in the past:

  • Nobody held my failure against me.

Hold back

to stop someone from doing something or to stop something from doing something:

  • They were unable to hold back the demonstrators.

Hold down

(S) to prevent prices or number from rising:

  • Their goal was to hold down costs.

Hold forth

to talk about something for a long time in a way that is boring:

  • He was holding forth about/on her achievements.

Hold in

(S) to not allow yourself to show an emotion or feeling:

  • She couldn't hold her anger in.

Hold off

1. to delay doing something or making a decision:

  • Let's hold off until the last possible moment.

2. (of rain or bad weather) to not start:

  • The rain held off until after the race had finished.

Hold on

1. to wait or stop:

  • Hold on a minute, I'm not quite ready.

2. to manage to stay alive or achieve success in a difficult situation:

  • We must hold on until help arrives.

3. to keep your hands around something:

  • Hold on tight to your chair.

Hold out

1. to continue being enough:

  • How long will your food hold out?

2. to continue to resist an enemy or opponent:

  • They were able to hold out for a month.

Hold out for

to refuse to accept an offer:

  • They are still holding out for a higher price.

Hold out on

Informal. to not give someone new or important information:

  • He didn't tell the truth. He's been holding out on me.

Hold over

to not deal with something until a later time:

  • The trial was held over until the next day.

Hold to

to force someone to do what they have promised:

  • I'm going to hold you to that commitment.

Hold together

(S) to keep something complete:

  • She was trying to hold the family together.

Hold up

1. (S) to support someone or something and prevent them from falling:

  • He tried to stand, but his legs wouldn't hold him up.

2. (S) to delay someone or something:

  • The heavy traffic held me up.

3. to stay in a fairly good condition:

  • She managed to hold up under the pressure.

4. to steal from a person or place, using threats or violence:

  • The gas station was held up by two men.

Hold with (usually used in negative sentences)

to approve of something:

  • I don't hold with prejudice.