Phrasal verbs with 'Hand'

Here is a list of phrasal verbs with 'hand'.

Hand back

(S) to return something to the person who lent it to you:

  • He handed me my book back.

Hand down

1. (S) to give or teach something to someone who is younger than you and will live after you:

  • My grandfather handed down the gold watch to my father.
  • These techniques have been handed down from generation to generation.

2. to officially announce a decision, sentence, etc.

  • The verdict was handed down this afternoon.

Hand in

(S) to give something to a person in a position or authority:

  • You must hand in your essay by Friday.

Hand on

(S) to give someone something that another person has given you:

  • The family farm will be handed on to his son.

Hand out

(S) to give something to a group of people:

  • The books will be handed out for free.

Hand over

(S) to give someone control or responsibility for something:

  • The robbers were handed over to the police.

Hand round/hand around

(S) to pass something to each person in a group:

  • She handed the chocolates around.

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