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Cardinal Numbers in English

Numbers in English

Cardinal numbers

0     zero, oh, nil
30                 thirty
1     one
40                 forty
2     two
50                 fifty
3     three
60                 sixty
4     four
70                 seventy
5     five
80                 eighty
6     six
90                 ninety
7     seven
100               one hundred
8     eight
101               one hundred and one
9     nine
500               five hundred
10   ten
1000             a/one thousand
11   eleven
1001             a/one thousand and one
12   twelve
1,500            a/one thousand five hundred
13   thirteen
100,000        a/one hundred thousand
14   fourteen
1,000,000     a/one million
15   fifteen

16   sixteen

17   seventeen

18   eighteen

19   nineteen

20   twenty

21   twenty-one

22   twenty-two

23   twenty-three

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