Borrow and Lend

For many learners of English, borrow and lend are two confusing verbs. Both words have a difference in meaning. If you give something to someone, you lend it; if you take and use something from someone, you borrow it.

Lend something to someone
Lend someone something
Borrow something from someone

Lend is irregular: lend, lent, lent
Borrow is regular: borrow, borrowed, borrowed


Lend means to allow someone to have or use something that belongs to you for a short time and then return.
I lent Dave my car.
I will lend my coat to him.
The bank refused to lend me $5 000.
She lent me £100 for two weeks.
Loan and lend are synonyms.
He loaned me $1 000.
I loaned my car to a friend.


Borrow is a regular verb. It means to take and use something that belongs to someone else for a short time and then return.
I borrowed two books from the library
Can I borrow your camera?= Can you lend me your camera?
He borrowed $100 from his father.


Lend and borrow are not used interchangeably. You lend something to someone, while they borrow it from you.

Lend and Borrow

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