Question words

Questions words are used in asking questions. These words in English are also known as wh-words because they include the same two letters –Wh. The question words are: what, when, where, who, whom, which, whose, why and how 
Interrogative Pronouns


used to ask for specific information about people or things 
  • 'What is your name?' 'My name is Raul.'
  • 'What is the time?' 'It is half past six.' 
  • What are you doing? 
  • What books did you order? 


used to ask at what time things happen 
  • When are you going for a walk? 
  • When is the final performance? 
  • 'The doctor will call you.' 'But when?' 


used to ask for information about the place someone or something is in, or is going to 
  • 'Where are you from.' 'I am from Denmark.' 
  • Where do you live and work? 
  • Where this path leads to? 
  • Where do you come from? 


used to ask about the name or identity of people 
  • 'Who is he?' 'He is my father.' 
  • Who is the president of the country?  
  • Who have you invited to your party? 
  • Who does this tablet belong to? 


used instead of who as an object in formal language 
  • Whom did you see this morning? 
  • Whom did you lend the car to?(formal) 
  • To whom did you lend the car? (very formal) 


used to ask for specific information about one or more people or things from a limited set of possible answers 
  • 'Which is mine?' 'This one here' 
  • Which one is your boyfriend? 
  • Which colour do you want – black or white? 


used to ask about ownership of something 
  • Whose is this watch?=Whose watch is this? 
Who, whose, which and what can be used as both subject and object of a verb. 
  • What (subject) happened there?  
  • What (object)  did you say to me about it? 


used to ask the reason for something 
  • Why did you decide to move abroad? 
  • 'I refused the job.' 'Why?' 
  • Why are you crying? 


used to ask about the way or manner 
  • 'How can I contact you?' 'By phone.' 
  • How does this thing work? 
We can use how before an adjective or adverb to ask about the extent or degree of something. 
  • How many brothers do you have? 
  • How much did you get paid? 
  • How fast can a cheetah run? 
  • How far is London from Leeds? 
  • How often do you go to church? 
  • How long have you been working? 
  • How well do you speak English? 
  • How old is your grandfather? 

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