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Taste of food

Taste of food with definitions and example sentences


having strong, sharp and unpleasant smell or taste
  • Acrid smoke filled the studio.
  • It emits acrid fumes when heated.
  • The acrid smell of burning food


(of food) that smells or looks very good and makes you want to eat
  • An appetizing meal
  • An appetizing aroma of bacon came from the kitchen.


having an unpleasantly sharp taste; not sweet
  • Bitter chocolate
  • The medicine left a bitter aftertaste.


not having strong flavour
  • A bland diet
  • The salad was too bland.


with a highly pleasant taste
  • Lunch was delicious.
  • The fish tasted delicious.


synonym. revolting
Extremely unpleasant to see, smell or taste
  • You shouldn’t eat this fish. It smells disgusting.
  • The soup looked absolutely disgusting.
  • What a revolting smell!


recently made, produced or picked, not preserved in a particular way
  • The smell of fresh bread
  • The vegetables are fresh from the farm.
  • You’ll need fresh fish for this recipe.


having a rich, pleasant taste
  • a full-bodied beer/wine


antonym. mild
hot food has a strong burning taste because it contains pepper and spices
  • hot sauce/mustard
  • a mild curry


having very little taste or flavour
  • a bowl of insipid soup


a light meal does not contain much fat and is easy to digest
  • I’ll have a light supper.
  • a light snack/dessert


so pleasant that you want to eat more of it
  • The cake is moreish, isn’t it?


having an unpleasantly strong taste or smell
  • The pungent smell of vinegar


synonym. mature
ripe cheese or wine has fully developed and ready to be used
  • This brie [soft French cheese] is ripe enough.


having salty or spicy taste; not sweet
  • Is this pudding sweet or savoury?


a sickly smell or taste makes you feel that you want to vomit because it is extremely sweet
  • The chocolate cake was a bit sickly.


synonym. tart
having a sharp, unpleasant taste like a lemon
  • These plums taste sour.


containing strong spices and causing a burning feeling in the mouth
  • Chicken in a spicy sauce


stale food such as bread is dry and no longer good and fresh
  • The cake has gone stale.


stodgy food is unpleasantly heavy and difficult to digest
  • I love stodgy pizzas.


having a taste like that of sugar or of honey; containing a lot of sugar
  • The tea is a bit too sweet for me.


having almost no flavour
  • This vegetable soup is tasteless.


having a strong and nice flavour
  • I thought the borscht [a Russian soup] was tasty.


not pleasant to eat
  • unpalatable diet foods


a weak drink has little taste because it does not contain the essential ingredients
  • This coffee is weak.  

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Taste of food

Taste of food

Taste of food

Taste of food

Taste of food

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Taste of food

Taste of food

Taste of food

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Taste of food

Taste of food

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Taste of food


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