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Synonyms for useful

Here is the list of synonyms for 'useful' with definitions and example sentences


giving someone advantage; likely to make someone more successful than other people
  • The changes in tax rates will be advantageous to everyone.
  • I found it advantageous to use new system.


formal. helpful or producing a positive effect on someone or something
  • Swimming is beneficial to our health.
  • The beneficial effects of red wine.


achieving the result that you intend
  • Classroom discussion is one of the effective teaching methods.
  • Cold compress is an effective way to soothe toothache.
  • It was a highly effective advertising campaign.


American English. favorable
likely to make something better or easier
  • Conditions are very favourable for playing golf today. 


formal. producing a desired result
  • After fruitful discussion, they agreed to our proposal.
  • The experiments have proved very fruitful.


having a great effect on someone or something
  • He made an impactful speech.
  • I always use impactful images on my blog.


able to be used to do or achieve something

  • a useful app
  • a useful source of information
  • These herbs are useful for home garden.
  • The book provides useful information on medicine.


convenient; easy to use
  • a handy tool/gadget
  • Handy tips for gardening


able to do something well or achieving a lot without wasting time, expense or energy
  • the efficient use of time
  • energy-efficient heating system
  • This is the most efficient method of growing beans.


very useful, helpful or important
  • The doctor gave us valuable advice on healthy eating.
  • Meat is a valuable source of protein.


giving help in making something better or easier
  • He gave me helpful tips on buying a used car.
  • It’s helpful to practice on old exams before an exam.


ready for use or having an effect
  • The new rules will become operative next month.


designed for practical use rather than decoration
Formal. utilitarian
  • The furniture is space-efficient and functional.
  • Utilitarian furniture/building/clothing


sufficiently useful, important, good or valuable
  • It might be worthwhile to hire a financial consultant.
  • He is trying to choose a worthwhile career.


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