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Types of vehicles

Types of vehicles with definitions

Types of vehicles

Airship (also dirigible)

 an aircraft consisting of a large gas balloon that looks like a ship, and a gondola where passengers sit. Gondola is a structure suspended below the balloon.

Airplane (also plane)

an aircraft that has wings and an engine, used for transporting people or goods

ATV (all-terrain vehicle)

 a small open vehicle with four large wheels and a single seat in the middle, used for driving on dirt roads

Automobile (car)

a road vehicle that has four wheel and engine, that is designed for one driver and one to seven passengers


a vehicle that provides medical care in emergency and takes the patients to or from hospital

Balloon (also hot-air balloon)

an aircraft consisting of a large spherical bag filled with gas or hot air, and basket suspended below the bag

Bicycle (informal bike)

a vehicle consisting of metal frame, one small seat , handlebars and two wheels, that a person rides by pushing the pedals with both feet

a watercraft that is smaller than ship, and used for travel on water


a large vehicle that has a lot of seats for passengers and used for public transportation

Cable car

a vehicle without engine that hangs from cables and travels up and down steep hills 


a long and narrow boat that is made of light materials

Golf cart

a small vehicle that is designed to carry two golfers and their equipment around a golf course


an aircraft with rotating blades on its top that can stay in the air without moving


a vehicle consisting of a cushion of air and one or two blowers that allow it travel above land, mud, water or ice

Locomotive (also engine)

a vehicle that is powered to pull trains along railroad tracks


a small motorcycle with an engine that is assisted with pedaling


a road vehicle with engine and two wheels that is designed for carrying one or two riders


a cart for one or two passengers that is pulled by a person

Pedalo (also pedal boat)

a small boat with pedals that is usually moved on small lakes for pleasure

Police car

a vehicle with flashing light, siren and other police equipment, used for carrying officers or suspects

Fire engine

a vehicle that is designed for fighting fires and rescuing people


A boat that is moved by sails


a large watercraft for carrying people or goods by sea or ocean

Snowmobile (also sled)

a small vehicle for a single rider that is designed to travel on snow or icy surfaces


a water craft that is capable of travelling underwater

SUV (sport utility vehicle)

a car that is capable of supplying power to all wheels for rough surfaces


a farm vehicle with large back wheels, used especially for pulling agricultural machines 


a group of rail vehicles attached and pulled by a locomotive

Tram (also street car)

a vehicle that runs on rails in the cities and driven by electric wires


a bicycle that has three rear wheels and one front wheel


a bus driven by electric wires above the road

Truck (British English lorry)

a heavy vehicle that is designed to carry large loads


a vehicle that is bigger than an automobile, used for carrying goods, equipment or people

Garbage truck

a vehicle to collect household wastes


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