Baby Vocabulary

Baby vocabulary

A baby is a very young child. A baby  in the first four weeks after birth is called a neonate. A recently born child is called a newborn child.  If a baby is still drink milk from its mother, we call it a suckling. A child who is just learning to walk is called a toddler.

Bottle (n)

a plastic container with tent at the top, used to give milk or a drink to a baby
The baby finished the whole bottle at once.

Bottle-feed (v)

to feed a baby with a bottle
She decided to bottle-feed her baby.

Bouncing (adj)

energetically healthy
She has a bouncing baby boy.

Breastfeed (v)

Synonym: to suckle
to feed a baby from a mother’s breast
She is breastfeeding twins.

Carrycot (n)

a small bed with handles that is designed to carry a baby while travelling
The baby was sleeping in the carrycot.


American English: crib
a baby bed with the sides that is too high to climb
The baby is lying in the cot.

Cradle (n)

a small bed that moves from side to side when pushed gently
Rock gently the baby to sleep in its cradle.

Crawl (v)

to move slowly on the hands and knees
My baby is learning to crawl.

Dummy (n)

American English: pacifier
a small plastic, rubber or silicone object given to a baby to suck or bite on
My baby does not sleep without the pacifier.

Lullaby (n)

Synonym: cradle-song
a relaxing song that is sung to make children calm or go to sleep
My grandmother knows many old lullabies.

Nappy (n)

American English: diaper
cloth or synthetic material that is placed the between baby’s legs to catch its waste
She had never changed a nappy before.

Playpen (n)

enclosed structure with wooden bars in which babies can play safely
She left her baby in the playpen.

Pram (n)

American English: baby carriage
a small vehicle with four wheels that is used for moving a baby around while it is lying down

Romper suit (n)

a piece of clothing that covers a baby’s body. A piece of clothing worn by a baby at night is called sleepsuit.
a little boy wearing romper suit

Pushchair (n)

Synonym: buggy
American English: stroller
a small vehicle with four wheels that looks like a chair and used for moving a baby around

Teethe (v)

to grow teeth
My baby is still teething.

Toddle (v)

to move unsteadily with short steps


a frame with small wheels that allows a baby to move around a room

Bib (n)

a piece of cloth that covers a baby’s chest to keep clothes clean while feeding

Rattle (n)

a baby’s toy that makes a sound when it is shaken

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